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Desert Safari Camp View With Belly Dance and Henna Painting.

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Tanoura Dance, Tradtional Dance of Arabs.

Enjoy The Evening Desert Safari with thedesertsafari.com For Booking and details

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EVENING DESERT SAFARI-combination of beautiful sightseeing and exciting dune driving Visitors will definitely miss the most tremendous and spine-tingling moment of their lives if they left Dubai without experiencing the Evening desert safari.</p> <p>The evening desert safari is for those clients who really want to make their trip to Dubai more adventurous and yearning to enjoy at most. . The operators of Desert safari can be accessed from anywhere in the world either telephonically or via e-mail for fixing the date and time. The organizers do pickup the visitors from their places anywhere in Dubai or Sharjah at 3:30 and take them to a long drive trip through a variety of terrain on the whole way to desert which lasts for about 45 minutes and ends up at an exciting shopping area where visitors can shop or have some refreshment for half an hour then starts the thrilling dune driving during which sight of spectacular scenery across undulating desert especially the sight of sunset from the hikes of sand dunes, doubles the indulge of the evening desert safari trip.</p> <p>After that visitors are taken to the Special Bedouin tents where they can take rest, enjoy their dinner ,belly dancing ,tanoura dancing, music system, camel ride , henna painting, sheesha and much more all complementary. The fun lasts till night and then clients dropped back to their places with unforgettable memories.

Quad Bikes also available at extra cost

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Desert Safari Trip.

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Free Henna Painting

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Free Camel Ride