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Hatta Mountain view in afternoon.

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Enjoy The Hatta Mountain Safari Only in 360 AED For Booking and details call us

Hatta village is almost 200 year old, and it’s situated in the center of mountains. Hatta mountain safari is one the best event for the families and group of friends. Hatta Mountains is 100km away from Dubai. Hatta mountain safari is an off-road thrilling drive along the imposing Hajjar Mountains and Wadis. In Hatta mountain safari you have the chance to visit the Hatta Fort Hotel for lunch, Hatta fort hotel is one of the famous place for everyone in Dubai. In Hatta mountain safari our skilled driver will pick you from your place and our journey starts towards the old Hatta village, we will stop for while in our way towards the Hatta Mountain for photograph, pass through the fossil rock until we reach the Hatta mountains valley at Madham. The real adventures begin as we follow the trails of the Wadis dry river bed in the Hajjar Mountain to reach fresh water pools. In Hatta Mountain Safari trip you can take a dip or dive into the blue waters while enjoying some refreshments before driving to the famous Hatta Fort Hotel for a sumptuous lunch. A swim in one of those Wadis will give you nice refreshment in the winter month. A Hatta mountain trip is must to do trip while you’re in Dubai.
Important Note:

  • Original passport requirement.
  • Littering is punishable offense & offenders may face penalties.
  • Avoid public display of affection.

Below is the complete list which are included in our Hatta Mountain Safari Trip.

  • Pickup from your hotel or residence
  • Hatta Safari & Hatta Pools stop
  • Lunch Soft drinks tea &
  • Drop back to your hotel.

Please note that prices are indicated for a minimum of 2 persons.