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Morning Desert Safari Trip In Dubai Desert

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Enjoy The Morning Desert Safari  

Desert Morning Safari—a unique fun at Dubai,full of thrill and excitement.

No visitor can afford to leave Dubai without experiencing the desert safari, whether it is the morning or evening. Why? Because driving from the top of the huge sand dunes towards a steep decline on a four wheeler is like bungee jumping! … and the thrill is not available anywhere else in the world. The morning Desert Safari is a tailor made activity suited to those who are in Dubai for a short period and cannot prolong their stay till evening. The operators of Morning Desert safari can be accessed from anywhere in the world either telephonically or via e-mail for fixing the date and time.</p> <p>The operators pick up the visitors from their places at around 8.30 in the morning and take them to the desert in close vicinity to the city where riding on a four wheeler and bashing the huge sand dunes starts and continues for about an hour.</p> <p>After the dune bashing is over, a fun ride on a camel and sand skiing is yet another feature which makes the stay of visitors at Dubai a memorable visit. It can rightly be claimed that Desert Morning Safari is the combination of roller coaster like fun and bungee jumping like thrill— both at the same time.

Fine Prints of Morning Desert Safari are

Quad Biking is not included in our package

we need minimum 3 pax for this trip. For more details or booking  Contact us.