Tanoura Dance

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Tanoura dance is a form of folkloric dance which is very common in Egypt. It’s indeed one of the highlights of Dubai desert safari as well. Tanoura means skirt in English and it is usually performed by Sufi men for the Sufi music, who spin continuously like the dervish dancers in the Levant and Turkey.

Tanoura dancing in Dubai desert

Enjoy the tanoura dance in Dubai desert

The Tanoura beat is religious in nature and the performers aim is to reach spiritual inner purity and to enter a trance-like state during the performance, being at one with God. The long swirling colorful skirts that the performers wear make spectacular patterns as they twirl around in circles. Due to the excitement in the crowd, they loudly gasp and hold their breath together saying ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ when the performers stun them with lights. That’s when lots of more cameras click. The performers stop spinning at the end of the performance apparently showing no signs of dizziness or discomfort. It’s amazing to watch!

In our Dubai desert safari camp when you get relaxed with BBQ and belly dance , we offer you some sweets and coffee and the a Tonoura dance. Our tanoura dancer are awesome and one of the best in whole Dubai. He spins around 30 minutes and at the end he just stop without showing any dizziness.

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